Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017
Tokyo Day 1-4/1/2017
Dinner at Jomon Roppongi


Jomon Roppongi is a small izakaya that serves some of the best yakitori in my opinion! Located just far enough away from the craziness of the main drag of Roppongi and can be a bit hard to find if you donít know what you are looking for.  The address said "Fujimi building" so we were expecting a big building and it turned out to be an un-distinguished brown small building which was not at all what we expected it to be.  Of course we got lost a bit but we finally found it after asking a bunch of people.  Without any signage what so ever of the restaurant, it was a good thing is was facing toward the street,  the only hint that it was a restaurant was a few plastic crates lining in front.

This is the front of the restaurant. 


They were not quite ready for us yet so we are just waiting outside.

This is further left of the entrance of the restaurant, from the outside looking in.

The entrance of the restaurant.  You have to remove your shoes which is typically Japanese.

When you walk in the first you see is a large bar with lots and lots of uncooked yakitori.


Facing the bar is a row of seating where customers can see the staff grilling the food.


Long and narrow grill filled with charcoal next to the prepared yakitori


Next to grill station is a wall full of sake containers.


We were seated at the end of the bar and had a pretty good view of the whole restaurant.
As you can see we are packed like sardines but we really don't mind.

View of the bar from where we are seating. 
There is just enough space for the waiters and customers to walk back and forth between these two areas. There is another room in the back that can hold may 10/15 more customers.

The restaurant as you can see is very cozy and warm with a really nice convivial vibe.


Lots of sake bottles at the end of the bar...


Starting with beer first!

Jomon Roppongi offers specials each day of various dishes and different yakitori that is not seen on the main menu

This the main Yakitori menu

For appetizer we ordered marinated raw cabbage.  This dish is very popular in Japan.


Hoa and Thierry ordered a couple round of sake from the menu and whatever they ordered were really excellent.

Marinated yellowtail with seaweed in a sesame sauce


Grilled skewers of chicken legs, Chicken heart, and chicken gizzard

Bacon wrapped lettuce cheese roll


Frankfurter sausage and grilled scallops with butter sauce.


Seared Japanese beef- check out the marbling on the beef!

Grilled beef skewers with onion


Oil mixed stew of Spicy fish egg.

This dish is really different

Braised pork belly

Smoky chicken and egg on rice

Simply delicious and so appealing to look at!


Everything we ordered ate here was delicious! The place is buzzing with energy, friendly staff that genuily enjoy their customers and getting to know them.  No wonder this place is always packed and the price is really resonable. 

We are so lucky to find out this restaurant and I highly recommend this place.  This place is a must try if you are in Tokyo but reservation is absolutely needed, as it is a small restaurant with a limited amount of seating, and it is always full of customers.


Jomon Roppongi

106-0032Minato5-9-17 Roppongi, Fujimori Bldg. 1F
Minato 106-0032, Tokyo prefecture
tel: 03-3405-2585


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