Japan -03/31- 04/08/2017

Pontocho area , Kyoto, 4/7/2017

We took a bus fromTenryuji back to Kyoto. We are now walking toward Pontocho area. 

We are now on Shijo Street, a main street in Kyoto that runs in the center of Kyoto from East to West.


It was raining a bit... seems like the Japanese people carry their umbrella with them...


Along the way we saw a few geisha in training. 


So many people are taking their pictures.



Must take a long time to get ready! 


A young girl dressed in a kimono.  She is really cute.


Built over Kyoto’s former commerce center along the Oi River, the timeless Togetsukyo Bridge which literally translates to “Moon-Crossing Bridge”.

With a backdrop of all foliage and full-blown cherry blossoms in the spring, this emblematic structure spans 155 meters as if the wooden path would literally stretch to the moon.

The poetic name was in fact inspired by the Emperor Kameyama, who witnessed a luminous moon rising above the upper reaches of the river, appearing as though the moon itself was crossing the bridge.


This is the view from our side of the bridge looking over the other side.  As you can see lots of cherry blossom in the background.


Gorgeous view.


We were headed toward downtown Kyoto.


We are now on a bridge crossing the river to get to downtown Kyoto.


Cherry blossoms are everywhere.

So beautiful!


We are now in an upscale shopping center and they have really nice flower arrangements.


Exotic flower arrangements.



So beautiful!



We are now on the Pontocho area.

A street vendor grilling some meat skewers.  Looks so good!


 This is the Shirakawa Canal runs through the Geisha district Gion


The Gion Shirakawa area (also known as Shinbashi) is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the cherry blossoms, which usually start to bloom in late March.


Close look at the blossoms.


This area looks so different at night time with all the lights turned on.  During the day it is also beautiful.



Restaurants next to the canal are impossible to get in without a reservation.


Pontocho Alley, which runs parallel to the west bank of the Kamo-gawa River between Sanjo and Shijo is considered by many Kyoto residents and visitors to be the most beautiful street in the city. It’s lined with traditional shops and restaurants, and no cars, modern buildings or gaudy signs are allowed.

By day, it’s not much to look at. But in the evening, Pontocho becomes a magical place, sort of street you might have imagined before arriving in Asia. Many of the restaurants and clubs here are pretty forbidding for foreigners without the right connections, but there are a number of places that welcome foreigners and have English-language menus and English-speaking staff.


A fancy French restaurant right in the center of Pontocho area.


Looking in part of the restaurant from the outside.

This is a work area from one of the restaurant selling noodles.


Store front of a noodle restaurant.




Enormous spice dispenser on a window display.


Ladies dressed in Japanese traditional kimono out shopping...

On the way we saw these two beautiful ladies wearing traditional Japanese kimono and on the right, a young couple taking pictures and when they saw us, she gave us a big warm smile.


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