Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017


Dinner in Kyoto, 2nd night 

There is no English sign for this restaurant so I don't know the name of it.  We walked from our appartment through a bunch of streets and alleys to reach Shijo-dori street (main street) and along our way we saw this restaurant.  We passed by it last evening but since we already have dinner reservation somewhere else, we all agreed to come back to following evening for dinner.  Since it is not located on the main street it is a lot easier to get a table.  Seems like it is mostly local people eating here as Tourists are hanging around Shijo-dori street.

The restaurant is fairly small and it does not have a door.  The front is covered by a large clear heavy plastic sheet and to get in you just pulled it.  Not sure how they locked up the store at night.


The restaurant is pretty small but very cozy.

Hoa and Thierry.


As usual beer and sake is a must to start a meal in Japan.

Pickled assorted vegetable

Raw cabbage salad


The grill is heated and we are ready to grill the meat!


3 type of sauces to go with the BBQ meat.

Pork cut

The grill is hot and we are grilling the meat!



Pork belly

Beef Ribeye

Different cut of meat on the grill

Tongue in on the far right!

I think this is beef short rib

Very good meat!

Very delicious!  We ate everything we grilled.


We came back again a 2nd time, on our last night in Kyoto to eat at this restaurant and we ordered the specialty of the house, a tripe pot!

We also ordered a bunch of BBQ meat beside the tripe pot!


We are done with out meal and we are heading back to the apartment.


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