Japan -03/31- 04/09/2017

Last day in Japan, 4/9/2017

Today is our last day in Japan! 

We got up early and packed our bags and walked out of our Air B&B apartment.  The streets are still empty as it was early in the morning.

We had to get a taxi to take us to the Kyoto train station.


At the Kyoto train station ready to board of train to Tokyo.


Interior of the Kyoto station


The 15-story, glass-plated gray monolith, designed by Hiroshi Hara


We are now at Narita airport and eating lunch.

Hoa and I we each ordered a bowl of rice with sashimi but you pour a hot broth on top of it.  Really delicious!

The broth is make with different ingredients (2nd picture)


Thierry and Mai's Lunch.


Japanese whiskey is so popular right now and it is really difficult to get.  My friend asked me if I could bring a bottle back but they are all sold out and this is the only bottle left the Nikka 12 years for about 5K.  Too expensive so no takers for now.

Arrival in Vietnam

We landed in Saigon in the evening and Thuan took us to Cho Ben Thanh.


We are a bit hungry so we ate a bun bo hue sitting on the street. 
It was so hot and as you can see, I am sweating while eating my soup.





Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin