Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day 1- Meiji-Jingu Shrine -4/1/2017


I was told that on Sunday mornings you are likely to see a traditional wedding party moving through the shrine grounds.  Sure enough, we were lucky enough to witness one.

This just the beginning when the bride and room are entering the courtyard.


All dressed in traditional clothes.


The bride in a white kimono and the groom in his formal black robe, walking together under a big red parasol, with Shinto priests leading the way and the rest of the wedding party trailing behind.



They paused for pictures.

Shinto priests leading the way..


The groom and bride.


This is a really visual treat!

Check out his shoes!

The guests following the bride and groom

Cute pink outfit!

The parents?


The guests entering the shrine

The ceremony is private so we had to stand outside to see a glimpse of all the priests doing a wedding rituals.


A kiosh selling good luck charms.  She did not let us take a picture...

Mai and Thierry bought a few charms there... lots of people buying!

Ema are small wooden wishing plaques on which worshippers write their prayers or wishes. The ema are then left hanging up at the shrine, where the kami (spirits or gods) are believed to receive them. They bear various pictures, often of animals or other Shinto imagery, and many have the word "gan'i", meaning "wish", written along the side. In ancient times people would donate horses to the shrines for good favor and over time this was transferred to a wooden plaque with a picture of a horse.

Workshippers wearing beautiful traditional clothes.

We are the leaving the park and as I look back I took a picture of people going and leaving the shrine.


We finished out tour and now we are leaving the park....

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