Japan -03/31/- 04/08/2017

Day 3- Tokyo Metropolitan Government offices -4/3/2017

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku is often visited by tourists for its free observation decks which provide good panoramic views of Tokyo and beyond. In good weather famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, and the Meiji Shrine are visible from the towers.

The building consists of a complex of three structures, each taking up a city block. The tallest and most prominent of the three is Tokyo Metropolitan Main building with 48 stories tall that splits into two sections at the 33rd floor.

The building was designed by architect Kenzo Tange and completed in December 1990 and was the tallest building in Tokyo, at 242.9 meters [797 ft.], until the Midtown Tower was completed in 2006. The building was featured in the movie Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah in 1991, where it appears in the first part of the film's climactic battle between Godzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah. The two monsters fight at the foot of the skyscraper, with Godzilla eventually crashing through the building's midsection.


View of the building from the ground floor.


They central court.


Inside the Metropolitan building. 


Line to get up the observation deck.  You have to pass security first before they let you go up to the 45th floor.

Elevator to the 45th floor.  You can go either on the North or South observation deck.  We picked the North as the line was shorter.


We are now on the north observatory deck located on the 45th floor and offer views from 202 meters above the ground.


As expected, the views of Tokyo were phenomenal and then you realized how big the city of Tokyo actually is!

On a good day you can see Mount Fuji from this window but not today!  Too foggy to see in the distance....


View of the city.


This is part of the Metropolitan building on the north side.

Interesting buildings...


Description panel of the buildings.

Out of all the buildings the Mode educational institution cocoon tower is the one that is the modern looking one.


In the middle there are lots souvenirs stores and a few stores that sell snacks and beverage.


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