Dinner with Kevin in Costa Mesa, Irvine

I made reservation at Pueblo at Tapas restaurant in Costa mesa but the only time they could seat us is at 8:30PM. 

We picked up Kevin around 7:00PM and Hoa suggested to get a cocktail while waiting for our table.  Having about 1 hour to kill Hoa remembered that next to Pueblo there is the Iron Press a gastropub that specialized in local and imported beer, sweet/savory waffles.  This was the perfect place to have a beer, enjoy a quick snack before dinner.

Kevin told us that this place is pretty popular with hipsters.


Main entrance


Hoa and Kevin ordered a dark beer...I got an Iced tea.




We ordered some Buffalo chicken wings to hold us until Dinner

The bar..


The warrior are playing on TV.. Everybody is talking about this game..


It is 8:30 now... we are heading towards Pueblo, which is just next door.

The entrance of Pueblo


We were seated in the patio which is pretty nice an relaxing.


Montadito de Costilla -short rib confit & crudo, mustard seed, toast

This is one of Pueblo's signature dish- pretty yummy!



Bocadito de Foie- foie gras torchon, smoked duck, rhubarb jam


The foie gras torchon was pretty tasty - we like it.

Kevin loves Foie gras and this is his favorite dish.



Kevin ordered a Sierra Nevada beer and Hoa had a glass of Spanish red wine.

Queso Fundido- charred goat cheese, black truffle, honey

I don't really like goat cheese to begin with so it is just an okay dish.  We sat quite a while without anybody paying attention to us and the GM came by as profusely apologized and sent us this dish for free.


Mar y Montaña- seared pork belly, sea scallops, cauliflower crema

The scallops were seared to perfection, we also enjoyed the cauliflower crema, there are only 2 pieced of pork belly and I just wish there were more..



Frito Mixto- crispy oyster, prawn, calamari, squid ink alioli

We ordered this dish before and this is always good.  The seafood are fresh, the ink sauce is interesting and the portion is pretty generous.


We ate pretty much everything and we are now working of the frito mixto that was just served...


Ending the meal with coffee and chocolate soufflé.


The first time we dine at Pueblo we really enjoyed it.  This time it is not quite as exciting as the first time.  I though every thing tasted okay but nothing was shinning.

However, service was excellent.  They know how to take care of their customer.  As I said we waited a while after seating down for our waiter to show up but the GM realized it and gave us a free dish and he also did not charge us for the beer and the glass of wine.  After the GM took care of us, our waiter showed up and he was pretty attentive to our needs.  This is call first class service.

I will definitely come back again the next time we are in Irvine.


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