Junior Prom -3/19/2010

Tonight Kevin is going out to the junior prom with Xuxu.  

 Going to the junior prom can be a lot of fun for teens that have reached the end of their junior year of high school. It is a great excuse to dress up and party with friends that you might not have a lot of time left to hang out with during school time.


A few pictures before going ....

Kevin and Xuxu coodinated so that the color of his vest is matching Xuxu's dress.

Kevin arriving at Xuxu' house. He is holding a corsage.


Ringing the door bell and waiting for Xuxu to come out....

Here she is!  Xuxu is so pretty and her dress is simply gorgeous!

The color of Kevin's tie and vest match perfectly with Xuxu's dress.


Kevin did not want to take any more pictures but Hoa insisted!  They are so cute together!

This picture is taken in front of Xuxu's house.

Kevin and Xuxu at a Friend's house.

Group portrait!

This looks like a lot of fun!  All the girls are so pretty and the boy are so handsome!

Have fun...




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