Kevin Moving to UCI - 9/17/2011


Leaving home for the first time may be one of the most exciting time for a college student but it is also a sad time for the parents to let their kids fly the coop for the first time..

No matter how ready we are it is still hard to believe that Kevin is going to college. We prepared month in advance making sure Kevin will have all the necessary things for college. That day is here and everything is packed up and ready to go....


Kevin's gathering out all of the things he is taking with him to Irvine.


Bac Huy rented a van so we can drive down to Irvine.

Bac Huy also bought 2 refrigerators, one for Vu and one for Kevin (they are in the back of the van.


Kristie also came to say goodbye to Kevin.


Irvine Campus


Irvine Campus - There are so many students moving in...

Kevin staying in line to get register and to get his paperwork.

Kevin getting his paperwork

There are lot of people but it is really well organized so the waiting time is less than 5 minutes.


Students and parents walking around the campus trying to find where the dorms are...

Carts are available so we carry the luggage and belongings in the dorms.

Here we are in the parking trying to unload all the stuffs...


Unloading all the belongings....


Glad to see that everything fits on the cart.

We are headed toward Kevin's dorm.


Next... The dorm



Our house


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