The Proposal, Sydney, Australia -12/28/2017

Kevin and Kristie are engaged!

The engagement ring.


Picture taken the next day with the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background.


Beautiful picture of Kristie and Kristie.


And of course the famous Opera house in the back ground.


The happy couple!


The Proposal

After a long flight from SFO, Kristie and her family got to the rented apartment to finally relax.  Cheryl (Kristie's sister) and her boyfriend Kevin Anderson told her they are going to get food in the neighborhood and will be back soon.

Kevin planned the whole surprise with Kristie's family and the plan tonight is to meet with Cheryl and Kevin A. We met like a block close by the apartment and then we followed them into the apartment to surprise Kristie.  Kristie was in her room when we walked in the apartment. We had to think quickly so Hoa and I we decided we should hide so when Kristie walk out she should only see her family (as expected) and to be surprised to see Kevin there.

Kristie had no idea and was totally shocked to find Kevin standing in the living room and all dressed up.
She keeps saying: "WHAT, WHAT (at lest 10 times),  are you really in Sydney, is this really real?"

Then Kevin took her hands and  lead her to the balcony and started his speech.


Kevin proposing....

I asked Kristie afterward what she thought of Kevin's speech and she said she was so surprised and shocked that she could not register what he saying the whole time.

She also took out her contact and could not see very well but she was very happy!


Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!


Kevin and Kristie flanked by both parents.

Hoa and I, Kevin, Kristie, Alice, and Mark.


The next day, we celebrated the happy occasion with Alice, Mark, Cheryl, Kevin Anderson, Kristie and Kevin at Osaka restaurant in Potts point, Sydney.

 Kristie's family rented an apartment in the Potts point neighborhood so I searched around and found Osaka Bar, a Japanese restaurant than is really close by.


The restaurant is really cute.  The inside is really small but they have a really large courtyard.


They gave us a table in the courtyard.  The weather is really pleasant so sitting outside is simply great.






Assorted sashimi


Seafood tempura



Seafood Okonomiyake.


This is the special dish for the evening.. lightly seared hamachi is teriyaki sauce.  Everything was delicious here! 

We had such a good time with lots of fun conversation and we forgot to take most of the pictures.  Really great meal here and I am so glad we found this restaurant to celebrate the happy occasion.


The restaurant turned out to be a very good choice and it was perfect to celebrate the happy occasion.   Since Mark speaks Japanese, he was in charge of ordering the food and we had an excellent meal here.



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