Stanford Model United Nations conference -November 6-8, 2009

Once a year Stanford University host a model United Nations (U. N.) conference.  Participating schools are mostly from California but there are also a few schools from Alburquerque,  NM; Boston, MA; Lake Forest, Il; San Antonio, TX;  Tucxon, AZ; and even foreign school from Canada  and Nigeria.  Topic of discussion range from European Union, Global summit of Leaders, Historical League of Arab States, International Atomic Energy Agency, Watergate Affair, World Bank etc.. This conference is a 3 day conference and over 400 students are attending and participating into debates and discussions over these topics. Each student represent a designated country.  Kevin represented Costa Rica.  It is a lot of fun but it is also exhausting.

This the first night of the conference (Friday)

Carole, Anya, Megan, Nick, Caetlin, and Kevin 




This picture was taken the last day of the conference.  I think the kids were happy it was over....

Nick, Anya, Megan, Kevin



Our house


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