Bouchon, a French Bistro - 12/26/07


View of the bar from our table. Most of the Bistros in France always have an arrangement of gladiolas and Bouchon is no exception.

 Deep blue velvet banquettes, antique light fixtures and tall ceilings make it a really nice and cozy environment

I really like the way the menu is presented.  Printed on a paper bag paper make it really casual and fun.

The place is dimly lit and I could not see the menu so one of the waiter gave me a flash light (look at the left hand side, I am holding the flash light!)


The appetizers...

Hoa ordered an assiette de Charcuterie with saucisson sec basquese, gentile, petit jesus & rosette de Lyon.

This is a big assiette and I wish the gang was here with us to sample it, there is no way Hoa and I can eat it all.


I ordered the Beignets de Brandade de Morue (cod) served with tomato confit and fried Sage. 

Kevin ordered the classic Soupe a L'oignon. 


Les Plats Principaux (main plate)

I ordered the Poulet Rti (roasted Chicken) with onion confit, celeriac, black truffle tartlet & chicken jus.  The Poulet was excellent but I wished they served the tartlet on the side so that the chicken jus does not soak the dough.

Kevin ordered a Croque Madame, a toasted ham & cheese sandwich on brioche with a fried egg and mornay sauce, served with French Fries.  The french fries are excellent!  


Hoa ordered the Boudin Noir (Blood sausage) with potato puree and sauted apples. 


I have to say that the service at Bouchon was impeccable, the decor is very nice and welcoming but the food fell short of expectation.  I had to remind myself and Hoa that Bouchon is a Bistro therefore the food supposed to be good, simple, supposing serving traditional dishes in a home like atmosphere.   However, I found that my Brandade the Morue was pretty bland and tasteless, the onion soup was a bit saltly, Hoa did not really care of his Boudin and Kevin prefers my homemade croque Monsieur over the one he ordered.  On a positive note, the epi bread was excellent, they bake it there fresh everyday, and my Poulet rti was pretty good! Other than that this place is pricey and giving it a try once was enough.


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