New Year's eve Dinner at Fratello- 12/31/2015


This year there are only 8 of us celebration new year together so we decided to Dine at Fratello.  We stopped by at Maily and Tuan for cocktails and appetizers first as our dinner reservation is not until 9:00PM.  We purposely made a late reservation as we know Hoa will not be able to sit still for more than 2 hours.

The place was buzzing with energy and had a very lively ambiance.


Even with a reservation they could not sit us right away ....


The singer was singing Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and he make a lot people singing with him... definitely put us in a good mood to party.


Still waiting for our took them 15 minutes before we were seated.


The bar was full of people...

We were seated close by the bar.

The ladies...


The men...

For New Year's eve the restaurant put on a limited menu but it had all the appetizers we usually like.


Not sure what was said but we definitely like the Magnum bottle of Camus!


Starting with great wine: Magnus bottle of Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, A white Kistler Chardonay (our favorite white wine) and an Veuve Cliquot rose champagne.

The restaurant was a full capacity!  View of the dining room from my seat.

Frittura Mista, Mix of pan fried prawsn and Calamari - $18

We always ordered this dish and it is so delicious.


Phuc put a special order of spaghetti aioli.  The restaurant was very busy but they made an exception for us and let's us order this dish.  It looks so simple but it is so good.

Melanzana Parmigina, lightly pan fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella, homemade marinara sauce with little arugula -$13


Braciole con Cavatelli, rolled veal filet stuffed with garlic, parsley, breadcrumb & parmigiana cheese, slowly cooked in a tomato sauce and served over home made cavatelli - $26

Rocky in front of the presents.


This is the first we ordered this dish and we all like it.


Norwegian Halibut sautéed fregola sardo local sautéed vegetable with gaeta black olives and capers in a mild spicy tomato sauce - $36

Beautiful dish, the Halibut was fresh and very tasty.

Cheers! As always the food at Fratello is really good!  It is probably the best neighborhood Italian restaurant in our area.

We finished our dinner around 11:00PM and nobody wanted to stay here for another hour and to make matter worse the singer was not that great so we all went back to Maily 's and Tuan's house for a quick game of poker while waiting for midnight to strike.


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