New Year party chez Hanh and Tuan -12/31/09


I can not believe that 2010 is just around the corner!  A whole decade has gone by since the year 2000!  Ten years after the millennium,  here we are celebrating another new year chez Hanh and Tuan!

This year Hanh and Tuan asked everyone to bring either an appetizer, or wine to share.  We all love the idea of having a pot luck because in reality, potluck parties are an ideal form of entertaining for the host or hostess who would have more time to entertain their guests instead of cooking all day.  Potluck are also great for large party because everyone is bringing a dish and by the time everyone showed up,  we ended up with a large array of appetizers that everyone can sample.

Here the guests are sampling lots of appetizers.. and they keep coming throughout the evening.


Mingling around the food table!

People gathering around the bar.  Tuan offered a lot of different cocktails for the guests.  We all sampled at least 3 different cocktails per person. 

The ladies enjoying our cocktails.

sitting down: Tuyet-Anh, Mui, Doan, Dung, Me, and HA

Standing: Hanh, Mai Ly and Huyen


This is also Hanh's birthday! 

Huong bringing out the birthday cake.

Birthday cake by Mai-Ly! 

Singing Happy birthday to Hanh!


Vietnamese Charlie's Angels! That's why there are 4 ladies instead of the original 3

Carol, Doan, Tuyen Anh, and Hanh.


Enjoying more cocktails while waiting for the count down!

Great conversations... We are having lots of fun!  Everyone looks so happy here!



Ha and Trung toasting the new year with Champagne!

Hanh bought a lot of confetti's, poppers, blowers, etc.. and we used it all to celebrate the new year!


We used the TV to help us count down.  Here we are just catching up with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Ryan Seacrest.

The happy couple: Huong and Hoang 


This is how the floor looked by the time we are done with the confetti's.

It is fun to throw the confetti's... it was everywhere...


Happy New year everyone!

Hanh made a large pot of chicken porridge (chao ga) so we enjoyed right after celebrating the new year!

 The porridge hit the spot!  I was great to have a great hot bowl of chao to fill up a hungry stomach.


The kids has to much fun.  They kept going around and play with the confetti's on the floor.


This is heaven for the kids!  They have the right to toss the confetti's around and making a mess without getting in trouble.


Lots of fun....

Happy new year everyone!



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