Street of Paris 

-   St.Eustache 

-   Pantheon

-   Louvre

St. Emilion

-   Chateau

-   Dinner @ Chateau


-   Wine Tasting

Carcasonne Aubenas Troyes


-   Covent Market


Streets of Paris

Rue St. Andre des Arts in the 5th Arrondissement.  This street is lined up with small restaurants and boutiques. I am  browsing around with Thoai and Uyen Thuong.  

Check this out... dog wearing glasses in a funky bike!



This tiny car called "Smart" is so popular in Paris.  It is much smaller than the Mini Austin.  You can park two "Smart cars" in one regular parking space, it is really tiny..



George Pompidou Library.  

People are sitting on the ground to catch a few rays of sun.   Note that in Paris summer only last about 2 months and even then, the sun does not shine everyday, so as soon as there is a little ray of Sunshine people will sit anywhere.....


Next...Saint Eustache Cathedral


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