Paris-9/24/2015 - 10-5/2015

Dinner at Afaria- 9/24 and 10/3/2015

We dined at Afaria last year with our friend and we enjoyed their grilled duck breast fillet so much that we had to come back again for the best duck dish ever!

Afaria is a small French bistro tucked away on a tiny street in the 15th arrondissement.  Afaria is a neighborhood restaurant known for their grilled duck.

The restaurant is quaint, unpretentious and relaxing.  They have French and English menus, and most of the staff speaks English. 

Kristie and Kevin first time to Afaria.


We ordered a couple appetizers to share.

Smoked salmon tartar with mango, arugula salad served with tarragon cream dipping sauce

Mushroom velouté with foie gras-This dish is really delicious!




The grilled duck is marinated with balsamic vinegar and is really delicious!


Each breast is enormous but it is supposed to be for 2 people so the portion is just right.

This is a 4 portions= 2 large breasts.


Crisp-skinned duck breast with balsamic-fig vinegar (for two) is served dramatically, inside a ceramic roof tile, with the accompanying French Fries perched on a bed of twigs

If you come to Afaria my recommendation is to order just this dish.  We tried the other dishes but their grilled duck is really delicious.


Kevin and Kristie really enjoyed this dish.  As you can see we at the whole thing.



Apple bread pudding with vanilla ice cream


Vanilla soufflé with coconut ice cream- Yummy!


Before going back to the US Kevin requested that we came back to Afaria to have the duck again.  So this is our 2nd trip to Afaria during our 2 weeks trip.

Kevin and Kristie in front of Afaria


Hoa already left and we there is only the three of us but we ordered 4 portions of grilled duck.  Kevin can easily eat the whole duck breast by himself.


On our 2nd visit we ordered the exactly the same thing. Kevin said that Afaria is one of his favorite restaurant in Paris.  I guess we can't have too much of a good thing.



15 Rue Desnouettes, 15th Arr.

Paris, France


Closed Sunday and lunchtime Mondays


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