Paris Versailles -10/27/2015

La grande classique

Hoa and Kevin signed up to run the Paris Versailles this year! We woke up to a glorious Sunday!  The weather was bit chilly in the early morning but by 10:00am it was it the mid 70 degrees, simply perfect to run the race.

About 25,000 participants running this legendary route: 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) linking the Eiffel Tower at the Chateau de Versailles.  The route takes in the neighboring areas of Issy Les Moulineaux, Meudon and its famous difficult stretch the "côte des gardes", Chaville, Vélizy, Viroflay and finishes at Versailles, on avenue de Paris, opposite the Palace of Versailles.

Paris Versailles is famous for the uphill climb starting in Meudon.  Here is a chart to see the elevation.

The climb of the slope started at 147 feet (45 m) to reach the top at 558 feet (170m) during a length of over a mile long.

Hoa said he almost gave up to walk but Kevin would not let him so he persevered and run all the way until the end.

Here is another map to see the whole elevation of the race.


The race is starting at 10:00AM but Hoa and Kevin took off around 7:30AM and the metro was already filled with people

Getting off the Metro.

People every where walking on the street

People heading toward the Eiffel tower.

A quick selfie!



There is sport field filled with people

People trying to warm up before the race.


Warming up to the sound of music...

Instructors cheering people and showing them how to warm up.

Once the warmed up is over, time to walk toward the start.

Start of the line.


Walking toward the Eiffel tower...

The crowd waiting to start the race...



A large group of runners all in Orange jersey!  The Trocadero is in front.


The route starts below Paris most famous tower, follow the Seine river heading south.


Encounter with a couple getting married!


Boats under the bridge...


Lining up to run..

 Waves of 400 runners every minute at the start was clearly helpful to avoid crowds. 


The race started!

Hoa is sweating buckets and it looks like Kevin is not even sweating! 


Kevin is here to support Hoa and he ran along Hoa the whole race and offering moral support!



Hoa and Kevin at the finish Line!  BIG SMILE!

It's over...time to enjoy the beautiful day.

Congrats to both of you!


People hanging around the finish line...

Chateau the Versailles it is in the distance.


What a memorable day!


Picking up medals and certificate.


WOO, WOO the end of the race!

The 35th edition of the race Paris-Versailles ended Sunday with a victory for the 24 809 participants who took off this morning from the Eiffel Tower in the direction of Versailles.


1st place -Men: Fikasu Admassu (Ethiopia) – 47' 42''

1st place woman- Asefa Kedebe (Ethiopia) – 54'20''


Kevin and Hoa: 1hour 55mn 02s

Click on link to see video: LINK


These pictures were taken a few days before the race when Hoa went to headquarter to pick up his registration.  All the names of the runners are listed.

25,000 people registered - The title said you are 1 one 25,000


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