Dinner at Afaria,Paris -10/19/2015

Originally our reservation was for 6 people at Fraiche but since Thuan and Chi Be are also coming to dinner, Fraiche could not accomade us so I have to scramble and move to plan B.  I called L'ami Jean, they could not take us either so my last resort is Afaria.  I was glad they gave us a table at the condition that we arrive at 7:30AM which is really early for France.

We have been to Afaria so many times now and their duck is alwasy delicious.

Mai and Hoa

Thuan and Thierry

Cang and George


Chi be and I

We came here for the duck and that's exactly what we are having...


If you are in Paris, make sure to stop by Afaria for their grilled duck breast fillet.  You will not be dissapointed.


The duck is served with crispy French fries.

 Fig tart served with coffee Ice cream


Really delicious!


Too sweet for my taste!



And of course I can't have dessert without a freshly brewed cup of coffee.





Our house


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