Paris-Family get together-10/16 - 10/20/2016

After New York we decided to continue on to Paris instead of flying home since we are already half between Paris and California.  Hoa decided at the last minutes to spend 4 days in Paris so I rented the same apartment near the Eiffel tower so that the whole family can stop by to see us.

Our first visitors of the evening.

Most of the people work in Paris so instead of going home they just stop by the apartment, have dinner with us, and spend the whole evening with family.

Me, Cang, Mai-linh's boyfriend, Mai-Linh, Hoa, Xiu, and Toan

  Mai-Lys, Hugo, Tomas, Davanh, and Chloe.

Thuan and Uyen Thuong.

Cheers Melanie!




Hoa selected a few bottles of French wine for the evening.

Cold cut and cheese platter.


We bought most of the food, Chi Be bough a huge plate of Goi, home made sausages, Trang bough banh beo, etc...

The kits in line for food.

George, Ham, and Chloe.

Lots of people in the apartment and we are still missing a few people from Hoa's family.


Looks like the guys are having a serious conversation....







Uyen Thuong is very pregnant and has a few more weeks before delivering a healthy baby girl.

Cang also took Gucci (the dog) with her so that we can spend some time with him too.

The kids playing.

Serving champagne...



Toan brought 2 cakes for the evening.

The one of left is really delicious, the chocolate cake is also good!

Serving dessert...

Family portrait!

Fun... fun...




Our house


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