Last evening in Paris -4/22/2016

CHEERS! This is our last evening in Paris and we really have a blast with Hoa's brothers, sisters, nephew and nieces.  It was such a pleasure to see all of them under the same roof.  Each time that we are in Paris we always try to have a meal with the family and it is always such a happy time.

We managed to drink 8 bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne.

Needless to say everybody was in a very happy mood.


Annie, Julie, Hoa, Cang,  Melanie and Uyen Thuong

Hoa and Tutu


Phung and Melanie arrived a bit later so we gathered around to give them the welcome kiss "bisou".

In France it is a must to greet everyone with a kiss on each cheek as you arrive-failure to do so is considered rude.

Julie's arrival!

Cang and Thoai

Valerie, Nana and Hoa


Hoa and I with Thoai


Having appetizers while waiting for everyone to arrive.



Setting up dinner-buffet style.  Since I cannot really cook here, we went out to get rotisserie chicken, pizza, salad, and pastries

Getting line to get the food...


The dinning table was too small so people had to sit in the living room.. it worked out well.

The guys were more interested in drinking than eating...


Julie, Melanie and Cang.


Picture artistically taken by Thoai

The kids playing in a room next to main dinning room.  They had so much and were so loud and lively.

Dessert time!

Lively conversation...



Davang, Chloe, Thomas, and Lenny

We visited Hoa's mom the day before at her apartment.




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin