Paris 09/28 - 10/2/2017

Breakfast at Le Saint Augustin-10/1/2017

The next morning we wanted to go back to Maison Kayser for breakfast but unfortunately it was closed on Sunday.   We just walked around the neighborhood for at least a good 15 minutes before we saw the only cafe/restaurant that is open which is Le Saint Augustin.  Without any alternative we went in and hope for the best!

Le Saint Augustin is a high end cafe and the inside looks pretty nice.

Hoa always order two cups as one cup is barely enough to wake him up.
The coffee cup is small compare to the U.S,

Minh ordered a ham and cheese omelet and it turned out to be delicious. 
The omelet was basic but it was well prepared and the result is perfect omelet to start the day.


Fresh croissants! So yummy.

Cappuccino for me.

Bread, butter, and jam.  Thumbs up for the bread and coffee at this place
I am so glad that this place is as good as Maison Kayser but it is a lot more expensive.

I am glad we were able to start the day with a great breakfast!

Visit my mom at Pere Lachaise

After Breakfast we went to Pere Lachaise to pay a visit to my mom. 

I replaced the flowers for her!  We hope to come back and visit her again next year....

Lunch Chez Andre-10/01/2017

 The atmosphere is formal but not stuffy, with typical Parisians wait staff in black and white serving food with a hurried, professional air.   The atmosphere is generally boisterous, with groups of friends at some tables and a few solo regulars happily reading their paper. There are two small rooms, tables are packed in tight. Don’t come with a huge pile of shopping bags…there is nowhere to put them!

I made reservation at noon for lunch at Bistro Andre located close to les Champs Elysees. This traditional French bistro has been a landmark since 1937, popular with monies locals and tourists alike and it was recommended by so many websites,


My reservation is at noon, we got there 5 minutes early and we were told that they were not ready to receive us. 

They were very nice about it but they needed time to finish setting up the tables.


Tables in front of the restaurant.

Parisians love to eat al fresco when it is nice outside.

The entrance

As soon as you walk in,  a zinc bar on the left and bistro tables that undoubtedly resemble the 1930s

Opened in 1936 it still has its original charm.

On the right are bunch of tables packed in close .  There is also a 2nd room in the back divided by banquet chairs.  They were going to seat us in the 2nd room.


The restaurant is really charming and gives out a feeling of a bygone era.


We were seated at right corner of the 2nd dinning room and this the view of the restaurant from our table.

We were the first people in the restaurant at Noon and by the time we were done with our lunch, this room will be filled with people (see last picture)

I assume the French do not start their lunch until noon.


On the wall are pictures of actors/actresses that been to this restaurant.


I recognized Grace Kelly, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, Romy Schneider, Lee Marvin, Robert De Niro, Sophia Loren, Jean Paul Belmondo, Sean Connery, etc..


On the menu most of the dishes are traditional French dishes

Fresh bread with butter and marinated olives, compliment of the house.


Hoa and Minh- Cheers!

Loan, Me, and Kevin


I ordered the roasted duck breast from south-west of France with peaches.



The duck is pretty decent and they did a good job pairing it with peaches.

Kevin ordered the Loin of "Allaiton de L'Averyron" Lamb with roasted thyme flowers, served with mashed potatoes


According to Kevin the dish is good but it was not exceptional.


Hoa and Minh ordered the soup a l'oinon and both said it was not good.  The one they have at Chez Maman in San Francisco was a lot tastier!

Loan and Thuan selected the Half a French free-range roast chicken with House French Fries.


A cup of coffee after finishing my lunch is a must!


Thuan, Hoa, Minh, Loan and I


Mother and son.  I am very happy to have Kevin with us.  I don't get to see him very often now that he lives in Albany, New York


By the time we finish our lunch the room is now filled with people.

Our table is at the corner on the left hand side (you can see Hoa and Kevin's back)


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