4 days in Paris -12/14-12/17/2018

Dinner at Le Comptoir- 12/16/2018

Anthony Bourdain dined here and he really enjoyed the food here!  We tried for years to get in and was never able to score a reservation during the summer time.  This is in the winter and the long line of tourists are gone making it a lot easier for us to just walk in and right away they gave us a table..  The restaurant is really small so I understand now why reservations are hard to come by, but there is also a heated terrace overlooking Odéon.

In this pleasant, tiny 1930s bistro, Yves Camdeborde works with two formats: on weekday evenings, he creates a single ambitious set menu, renewed every day (reservation mandatory); at lunchtime and on weekends, he cooks up good brasserie dishes (no reservation required).

The front of the restaurant.


Even though if the outside is heated I told Hoa I would not dine here unless I get a table inside.


We got a table inside and we noticed there are also a lot of Americans in here.  This family with the 2 kids are from the U.S.


View of the restaurant from our table.


The menu-main dishes


Appetizers menu

They are known for their Pate de campagne so that is what we are ordering!



Hoa selected a Cotes du Rhone for this meal.


I am trying to figure out what to order...

We really cannot stop eating this pate!


Homemade Pate de Campagne-The best!  We probably could eat the whole thing, so delicious.



Our main dish.


Braised suckling pig with lentils


Comfort food at its best!  perfect to eat when the weather is cold.


Roasted Veal steak with assorted mushrooms and Hazelnuts.

So delicious!


On to dessert....


Rum Baba topped with pineapple and passion fruit and served with a very generous portion of whipped cream.

We ate the whole thing.  Love it.

Great meal, our waiter was really nice, in a very relaxing ambiance.  Anthony Bourdain was right, this is a cool place to eat.


We are now walking back to our apartment close to the Eiffel tower( you san see part of the tower of the right)





Our house


Photo Gallery

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