3 days in Paris -08/1-8/4/2018

Dinner at Origins 14-La Régalade

The original La Régalade was founded by chef Yves Camdeborde in 1992 at the far border of the 14ème arrondissement. In its day it was ground zero for the bistronomie movement, in which disaffected young chefs were leaving Michelin-starred kitchens and opening simple bistrots where their gastronomic talents could shine at lower price points. Years later, Bruno Doucet bought the restaurant and ran it for years until he sold it on December 2017 to Olie Clark, a young British and talented chef who worked at La Regalade for years.  It is now renamed to Origins 14, La Regalade.

The menu is a steal at 37 Euros for a 3 course meal

Hoa and Minh selected a bottle of red wine


Cheers to great evening.  Our reservation was at 7:00PM and we were the only clients in there. 

People start to show up around 8:00PM.  People eat really late in France.


Cheers to good food, good wine and good company!

The famous house terrine is always served as soon as your arrive.

Our hostess told us that the recipe remains the same as it was originally served by Yes Camborde.  It has not change since day 1.

Basically, we came back to this restaurant because of the house terrine.


The terrine is served with homemade picked cucumber.  So delicious and you can ask for as much as you want.

We ate it so fast that they pretty much gave us another jar pretty quickly.

This is one of the special of the day, home cured beef, thinly sliced... so good..

Melon from Charentais with miso dressing, Coppa and Spring onions

Really nice and fresh!


Beef tartar, peanuts and black garlic


A classic dish with good quality beef-so good!


Home made Taglierini cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper), Ossau Iraty (cheese) and white pepper


Simply to die for!  The pasta was made in house and it is definitely reflected in the tast.


Main course

Pork Belly, green beans with mustard and yuzu.


Huge portion, beautiful presentation and very tasty



Red tuna, grilled red peppers from Landes, sweet tomatoes.


Loan eats healthy so she picked a beautiful and healthy dish consisting of organic produce and Tuna.

Magret de canard from Perigord, peach and cucumbers.


The duck was very tasty and did not have a gamy taste-so delicious!

Trang opted for steak and confit potatoes.  They told us they are working with beef this week and they are using all the cuts to incorporate in the menu.


Ribeye steak

Confit potatoes with herbes

Our table with the main dishes.


Desserts and cheese.

Semifredo, fresh plums from bourgogne.

A semifredo is a half frozen dessert that has the texture of a frozen mousse.  Really nice!

Vacherin with strawberries, yuzu, and creme Anglaise


Vacherin is made by layering meringue discs and ice cream-so light and so yummy!

Fresh nectarine, almond from Sicily and basil.

Ossau Irata cheese with cherry jam.

Coffee with freshly baked madeleines.



We ate pretty much everything!  Nothing is left by the time we are done with our meal.


Check out in the background where all the chefs are photobombing us.  Very funny!

After dinner we stopped by Cang and George's apartment.  We have never been there since they bought it last year.


Last gathering before going home...


A quick selfie with Cang and Tutu before saying goodbye.

What a great trip!  So glad we were able to attend the wedding and see so many family members in one place.





Our house


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