Phuc's Birthday-2/6/2016

Phuc and Tuan are co-hosting a dinner party tonight at Phuc/Huyen's house.  Phuc is famous for serving the best steaks in town so of course is making steaks for us and that's all we want anyway!

As soon as you walked in the kitchen all you see are 2 trays of humongous pre-cook rib eye steaks on the counter.


Phuc is testing a new way of cooking steaks for a large crown.  This what restaurant do when they serve steaks for a large group: they bake ahead of time the steaks in the oven at low heat (around 250 degrees) for about 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the meat.  When he is ready to serve all he needs to do is to briefly grill the steaks at heat.  Since it is already cook, searing the meat on the grill goes really fast.


Just wanted to show you how huge the steaks are....


A large bowl of mixed green Salad


Roasted beets salad with chopped eggs and red onion.

Tuan cooking his risotto....

You have to cook the risotto on the spot and you have to constantly stir in pour in the broth slowly... takes a while so you have to be patient.

The wine Phuc is serving tonight.

Table is set up and we are ready to sit down...

Phuc is serving Kistler (our favorite white wine) with the lobster risotto

Lobster Risotto... to die for!

The group...




The steaks are grilled and are ready to be served.

Huyen's famous soy sauce elbow pasta.


This is my plate... Doesn't the steak look amazing!

I only at half of it as it is too big but Hoa manage to eat his the whole steak!.

Caramelized shallots.  There were a bunch of side dishes but I don't have any pictures.


Coffee time...


I made the fruit tart and the Apple rose petals tart.


Close look at the Apple rose petals tart.. This is the first time I made this and it is really striking!

Good piece of conversation as it is such a pretty shape.



Loan prepared for us a large bowl of fruits...


Happy Birthday Phuc!

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