Our guests from France - 8/8/09

Phung/BBQ at home Golden Gate Bridge Meng/Chanh Phở (amazing!) Rose garden Stanford

This month we have quite a few visitors coming from France to visit us.  First Phung, Hoa nephew, is stopping by on a weekend to see us,  then he will go to L.A. for a few weeks, and then he will be back again.  The following weeks Hoa's friends are also stopping by to stay with us.  So for the next two weeks we are going to play hosts and drive out guests around the bay area most famous landmark such as the Golden Gate Bridge, touring san Francisco, etc...


Great America 

The kids organized among themselves to take Phung to Great America for the whole day.  Great America is an amusement park with lots of thrilling rides.

Staying in lines for rides.

We were surprised to hear from Kevin around 3:00PM saying that the group was too exhausted to go out for dinner and they wanted to go home for dinner instead.


When Kevin was in Paris he stayed with Phung so now that Phung is in town it is Kevin's turn to take care and entertain him.

1st row: Phung, Justin's cousin, Justin, Jason

2nd row: Kevin Vu, Vu, and Kevin N.


Italian sausages on the grill



While waiting for the shrimps and the Italian sausages to be cooked, a large bowl of mixed Salad was served. 

Okay the sausages are ready...

Now it is time to put the jumbo shrimps on the grill


The shrimps are now ready to be served!

Preparation work..

Close up at the shrimps

I also served a large bowl of Spaghetti alla Bologna

Vu, Kevin and Justin finishing their meal.


Here I think the kids finished their meal and they are discussing about ghosts stories.


Next... Golden Gate Bridge



Our house


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