Plumed Horse Restaurant in Saratoga - 11/1/08

A quick tour of the restaurant

The new owners poured millions into gutting and transforming the dated Plumed Horse and it is  now one of the most beautiful restaurants to open in northern California in years. The kitchen is really impressive to look at that's for sure! Notice how clean it is.


The kitchen


Chef Table (private room)
 The Chef table is an interesting concept!  It is a fully private room that fits a maximum of 12 guests. With its floor to ceiling window and strategically positioned mirrors guests can see all of the action in the kitchen without the operational noise.

Here you can see how the table is set up.  Full view of  the kitchen.

The concept is actually very interesting but here is the problem: the room is awfully bright and therefore the feeling of privacy, coziness and intimate feeling is just out the window.


Dinning Rooms

The Main dinning room can accommodate up to 100 guests. The

chandeliers are made of fiber optics that change from steely silver to vivid green, pink and aqua. 

On left is the Gold  private room and it can hold about 30 people and on the right is the Rose room that accommodates up to 24 guests. The rose room gets its name from the etched windows that glow with natural light. The room is reminiscent of the Old World Mahogany paneling and a stained windows that reflect the look of the restaurant in the past but other than that everything inside the restaurant has changed.


The Wine Room

Okay so here is the centerpiece I talked earlier. We complained to our head waiter that for a table of 22 people our flower center piece looked so pathetic!

 To this his reply was:" You guys really want to see a real center piece, then you guys just have to follow me"

To our big surprise he led us to the wine room! This is such an amazing sight! The floor is made out of glass so can look down into a two-story cellar below holding thousands more bottles.

This is a 300cl = 4 bottles of 75cl Château Margaux 1982, premier cru- listed at $1,900 stored in the cellar.

Sauternes from Chateau d'Yquem 1988 - 300cl bottle


The walls are filled with thousand and thousand of  bottles of wine. 


This the glass floor looking down at the cellar below.  On the top left corner you can see the shoe of our head waiter. 

It was scary looking down and it gave me a touch of vertigo because the glass floor makes you feel as if you're walking into space. Below the glass floor are boxes of wine; above are hundreds of bottles displayed in clear racks. It took me a few seconds to realized that it is safe to walk on the glass floor and to be able to see all the way to the floor underneath.


This the view from the bottom floor of the cellar looking up.


The bathroom


What a cool bathroom!  What an interesting concept to have a flat top sink so it gives the impression that the water is going to spill over but of course it does not.... I also like the way the marble is lit up underneath the sink.


The Bar Area

A gorgeous bar lined with colorful bottles complimented by curved ceiling, a huge fire place in the middle, leather coffee table and leather chairs,  projecting a sophisticated and cozy ambiance.  While waiting for your table, you can order a couple cocktails and listen to live Piano music.

The tour is now over and hopefully there will be a part two soon!




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