Portugal- 4/13- 4/20/2016

Cervejaria Ramiro- 4/13/2016

This is our first night in Lisbon and we wanted to have seafood for dinner. Hoa's colleague recommended Cervejaria Ramiro, a family owned and very popular restaurant, known for serving the best seafood specialties such as lobster, giant prawns, clams, crab, etc.. at a reasonable price.  However we were surprised that they do not serve fish.

There is always a line at the door but the line moves very quickly as they also have a second floor and can accommodate large groups.

As soon as you walked in you will see a large counter for draft beer, there also boiled shrimps, and a variety of seafood.


View of the restaurant from our table.

Portuguese love their seafood with beer or with ice cold vinho verde.  We want to blend so we ordered a bottle of Vinho Verde.

They are also very chilled and very easy to drink -  12.76 a bottle (So cheap!)



Dose Pao ( toasted bread with olive oil)- Delicious! -2.70

We ordered a crab so the waiter brought out plastic hammer and cutting board so that we can break the shell.


They sell the crab by weight.


Crab is 21.73 per kilogram.  This crab is 1.6 kg= 3.5 lb -34.77

Amazing crab, so sweet, lots of meat and so fresh.


Bon Appetit!


We were also hungry so that we devoured the whole crab.

Beside the white wine Hoa and Minh also ordered some beer -1.20/glass


Steamed clams with garlic, parsley and olive oil - 10.85

We loved this dish-the broth was so delicious and after eating all the clams we mopped all the sauce with the bread- so yummy!




Grilled Tiger Prawns - 65.89 per Kilo - this plate is 1.40 kilo= about 3 lb - 92.25


We are in heaven... So good but we ordered too much!  We could stop after the shrimps but no... the next dish is lobster.


Lobster 1.55 Kilo=3.5 lb - cost per kilo 68.25 -This plate is 105.79

Our eyes were bigger than our stomach.  By the time the lobster was served we were full but since we already ordered we have to eat it.

Even thought it is very good, I am sure we would enjoy it more if we were a bit  hungrier. It does not matter we still manage to eat the whole lobster!

Who is going to say no to lobster!


Our table was very small so Hoa gave our waiter the sign to take it away.  At first our waiter took the bottle away but left the bucket on the table?  We thought the waiter was weird if you are going to clean up you should take the bucket and bottle away... but then he came back with a brand new bottle for us!

What!! He totally misunderstood Hoa.  We told him to take it away and he thought we wanted a new bottle.  We laugh so hard but we kept it anyway!

There is not way we could drink a 2nd bottle so Hoa went around and offer the wine to a couple and their daughter who came to visit Portugal from South America.  It makes everybody happy!



The outside of the restaurant.


We came back a 2nd time to the restaurant with Hoa's brother, sister in law and their kids.  The food was also amazing the 2nd time around.

This place is a bit noisy but we really enjoyed their food.  The waiters are very friendly, prompt, you can feel that they enjoy their job.  They really took good care of us both times.


Cervejaria Ramiro

Avenida Almirante Reis

Lisbon, Portugal



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