Taz, our Sharpei dog- 09/08/29/2018 - 9/20/2021


This arm chair is Taz favorite spot to take a nap at night.  Dora sometimes will join but she stayed in our lap most of the time when we watch TV at night.


Sharing the arm chair with Dora.


Definitely resting comfortably!

If they are not on the Arm chair they would lounge on the sofa.


These 2 kids are definitely enjoying a cozy evening on the couch.



Hippo or dog?


When they are not dozing off on the sofa they would play with toys.


After playing with toys, it is time to take a nap on the cozy sofa.


He loves this spot on the couch.


Life is good!


The inseparable duo


Taz loves Dora and is very protective of her.  Every morning, when key wake up, I take them out for potty and it never fails,  he would try to play with her but Dora would grow, and if Taz gets to close, she would bite him.

However, that did not stop Taz and he would do the same thing every morning and try to play with Dora .  Toward the end (3 years later) she would run and let him chase her for a few seconds and then she was done with playing.


If Taz is not napping, he is usually roaming around the yard.



Deep sleep!



Taz got a disease called "Sharpei Fever" which is a terrible disease that has no cure.

His body cannot process a certain type of protein and it usually affect his back leg.  It is really painful and he will be limping for a few days. 


He usually get a very high fever that eventually  will lead to a kidney failure.

He has to be on a special diet, but he hates is so much that in the end I just gave him rotisserie chicken mixed with his dry food.

That is the only way that he would eat.  We knew that his time was limited and we try to make the most out of it.


Taz was sick for about a week here and we were hoping he would recover.


By the 2nd week, he would have a good day or two and then he will relapse and would not eat for days.


By the third week, he barely ate and whatever he ate, he would throw up the next day.



He loves to walk and in the end we just took maybe 10 steps out of the door and he would just stopped walking.

He just did not have any more energy any more.


We knew that his body could no longer recover and we made the difficult decision to put him down.


Waiting outside at the Vet clinic.  It is so sad, but it is the best for Taz. 

There is no need to prolong his pain.



Taz was 2 1/2 years old when we adopted him.  We do not know his story but it looks like he was abused, and he probably never had someone to love him.  Once he realized this is his home he became very protective of me.  From the start, we had a very strong connection and I love him with all my heart.  We were able to give him 3 good years and he knew he was loved.

Taz, you are such a special boy and you will be forever in my heart.  We love you and we miss you so much! 

Until we meet one day again and until then run, run like the win!  You are now free of pain and I hope you will get to see Lucky and Rocky on your path to the doggies heaven.





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