- 9/05

Binh Anh village Resort

Binh Anh Village is located about 30/40 minutes from Ho chi Minh City.  The lady who own the place came from France and knows Thuan.

The city is so crowded and noisy so by the time you arrive in Binh Anh the place is so peaceful and quiet.  The only thing you'll hear is the sound of birds and the wind blowing.


Entering the resort. 



The pound is so beautiful and the view is so lush with greeneries. 


This is the interior where guests are greeted.


The owner display a lot of Vietnamese traditional things throughout the resort an it makes it really interesting for a westerner to see.


Guests stop by for a drink or two, relax and then enjoy the view of the resort..

The dog below to the resort and is allow everywhere and people don't seem to mind.

Display of traditional baskets in the walk way

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