University  of California, San Diego - 6/16/10

The University of California, San Diego also known as UCSD or UC San Diego is a public research university located in La Jolla in  San Diego.  UCSD is one of the ten general campuses of the University of California system and was founded in 1960.  Here are the 10 universities of California: Berkeley (the oldest 1868), Los Angeles (1919), Santa Barbara (1944), Riverside (1954), Davis (1959), San Diego (1960), Irvine (1965), Santa Cruz (1965),  Merced (2005) and San Francisco (graduate school -1873)

There are about  22,000 undergraduate students  and about 5,000 graduate students.   The university is organized into six undergraduate colleges and six graduate divisions and offers 125 undergraduate majors, 52 masters degrees, 51 doctoral programs, and four professional degrees.  UCSD is currently ranked the fourteenth best university in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities. 

Overview of the campus.

UCSD is quite an amazing campus.  Itís spread out over a vast area of approximately 2,000 acres of land



Department of Medicine, the Stein Clinic research building

Sign on the campus leading to Geisel Library and Price Center. 

Walkway toward the Price Center

King Triton is the mascot of UCSD

Going toward one of the food court on the campus


All the students are gone already so there were only a few people around....

The Price Center is a student center located in the center of UCSD. The Price Center offers a variety of services, places, and spaces geared to the needs of students including restaurants, the central bookstore, movie theater, and various student organizations.

Commuter lounge

They have sofas, microwave, TV, study tables for the students.

Eco-friendly is the operative word for the new Perks coffee shop now open as part of the Price Center expansion project at UCSD. 


Place for student to study and relax and get lots and lots of caffeinate drinks!


Students parking their bicycles.  Nice area!



School is over so it is pretty deserted but what a nice campus!


Welcome banner.. even in Vietnamese (right side).

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