Santa Cruz - 4/27/08

We do not get to see the Kinzers very often so as soon as we heard they are in town we make sure to hook up with them.  The last time we saw them was 2 years ago when we visited them in Seattle.  Kevin was looking forward to see all the kids.  The Kinzers are staying in Santa Cruz so we drove up and met up with them.  

Kevin, Austin and Eric in the yard.

Hannah and Kaya.  The girls have grown so much that I almost did not recognize them at first.

Austin just pick up the guitar 2 weeks ago and he is entertaining us here!

After lunch the boys decided to go surfing.  It was such a nice day! There was barely any breeze so it was a perfect day to learn how to surf.

Going down to the beach to watch the boys...

 The kids waiting for a wave to come.

Hannah, Kara and I sitting on the beach and soaking in the sun!


Austin and Kevin having fun

After two hours in the water I think Kevin was a little tired and was ready to came up and rest a little.



Our house


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