West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz -12/28/2019


West Cliff Drive multi-purpose trail is 2.5 miles long with beautiful vistas. On the south end of West Cliff Drive is the Dream Inn, the Wharf and the Santa Cruz boardwalk. On the north end is Natural Bridges State Park which is worth a visit on its own, especially during Monarch Butterfly season.  On a beautiful day you can see lots of surfers and sometimes you can see sea otters, and other fauna, and you can also admire some very nice homes as well lining up the street.

We have not been to Santa Cruz in a long time and we are so glad we drove up there today.

Beautiful day!


We usually walk along the trail and look at the beautiful vistas along the way.



Lots of people are out walking or biking and enjoying the day.


Gorgeous view!



There are stairs to go down to the beach but today the tide was high so the beach was entirely covered.


They put large rocks against the cliff to stop the erosion.



Nice picture with the sun in the horizon.


Waves... and more waves.


I can stay here all day watching the waves crashing against the rocks.




Blow holes...




Birds resting on a large block of rocks.


Better view of the birds...







So peaceful here!  We walked for a couple of hours and it was so relaxing.

Will definitely come back with the dogs as I saw so many people walking their dogs but they have to be on a leash.





Our house


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