6 days in Sicily-09/24 - 09/29/2017

Catania-Day 2- Fish market continued-09/25/2017

Beyond the fish stalls, you can find stalls selling fruits and other typical products of Catania on the perimeters of the fish market.

Sicily's outdoor market tradition dates from the ninth-century and Sicily coastal city wherethe weather is tempered, so it makes sense to have open air market.

Lots of vegetables stalls are set up on the street side


The fish market and the open air market are a great place to soak up some local atmosphere even if you don't actually buy anything.


Fresh local vegetables and they are dirt cheap.


A stall selling marinated olives and a variety of dry fruits.


These are local olives!  Looks really good.


Organic and locally grown lemons.



A variety of vegetables for sale....


Fresh fruits...


Broccolini and fruits.


White grapes at 1.50 euro for 1 kilo (2lb +).

We bought a bunch of grapes, a few nectarines and the bill came out to be 2 euros.  The grapes were really sweet and nectarines were juicy and flavorful.  Can't believe it is so cheap.


A vendor offering a nut to a client to taste....

Fresh bunch of carrots.


A butcher shop


I love this picture (taken by Minh) of this guy carrying a whole pig on his shoulder.


A butcher in action

Offal table with a large liver, hearts, neck bone, and pig's feet.

On the left: liver, heart, cow's testicle, neck bone, lung, and pig's feet.


More close up...


Offal rack with hanging intestines, tripe, etc...


We are now done with touring the market and we are heading to the Duomo Piazza.

This is just outside of the fish Market there are lots of stalls selling vegetables.

Next...Duomo Piazza




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