6 days in Sicily-09/24 - 09/29/2017

Catania-Day 6- 09/29/2017

Today is our last day in Sicily!  We are flying to Paris from Catania around 3:00PM so we have the whole morning in Catania to discover the sites that we did not have a chance to visit.  Our first stop is Villa Cerami.

Villa Cerami

Villa Cerami villa is located at the end of Via dei Crociferi, known for its line up of magnificent religious buildings (churches and convents), which flank the street with elegant and sinuous Baroque facades.

Villa Cerami was the residence of Domenico Rosso, Prince of Cerami III from the Rosso di Cerami family, a noble Sicilian family descended from the royal family of Altavilla.  Built in the 18the century, a few years after the earthquake that hit the city in 1693, Villa Cerami was one of the city's most prestigious historic buildings. 

After years of neglect, it was purchased in 1957 by the University of Catania and is now home to the University of Catania Faculty of Law.

The access to the Villa is through a decorative engraved portal which represents an impressive example of the local Baroque style

On top of the Portal you can see the coat of arms of the family of Cerami. 

Beyond the metal fence portal, and after a short gallery, there is a large internal courtyard with an impressive stone staircase leading to an upper terrace.


In its hay day the Villa hosted the Italian royal family, Humber and Margherita in 1881 and in their honor, a formal celebration was held.

Notice the 2 busts at the entrance- see close up below.

Bust of Guiseppe Carnazza Amari. 1837, jurist and Politician.  He was also  a deputy and senator of the Kingdom of Italy in the XVIII legislature .

No marking on this bust so I don't know who it is.

According to historians, the prince Cerami made several changes and improvements to the villa.  During their residency, the family embellished the villa with Baroque decorations and precious furniture.

A huge tree next to the stairs.


View from the top to the balcony.



The stairs may have been enriched with ornaments aimed at adding magnificence to the villa when it was bought by the Prince of Cerami.


This used to be the stables, today it is transformed into classrooms.



Decorative sculpture supporting flower/plant pot.

View from the terrace over to Via dei Crociferi.




The terrace is so peaceful and so relaxing so it must be nice for the students to hang out here.

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