6 days in Sicily-09/24 - 09/29/2017

Day 3-Dinner  at Trattoria Macelleria ,Catania-09/26/2017

It took us almost 3 hours to drive back from Cefalu to Catania.  Once we got back to our apartment we had just enough time to freshen up and it is time for dinner.

We did not make any reservations and decided to walk around town and look for a restaurant.


This restaurant is located just next to the Fish Market and we decided to give it a try.

We were lucky enough to get the last table available outside of the restaurant.

  Trattoria Macelleria


We had a very long day and we were very happy to seat down and have a great meal.

Hoa and Minh ordered a Sicilian white wine



Assorted basket of bread.
The menu

Grilled octopus - 9


They served a full octopus per order for 9€- The octopus was so fresh, so tasty, perfectly cooked, and grilled to perfection!


Grilled Prawns - 12


The prawns were huge!


So fresh, so sweet, and so delicious!


Mixed grilled fish- 20

There are 3 different type of fish but I don't remember what kind of fish we got but the were all so yummy.

This looks utterly delicious! Beside the fish we also got a huge grilled prawn.


Pasta all Norma with fried eggplant, tomato, and ricotta Salad - 10


Pasta alla Norma on the left and on the right is Nero di Sepio ( spaghetti with squid ink) 12

Both pasta were absolutely delicious!  Cooked al dente and so flavorful.


Fresh tomato salad with red onion, cheese! So simple but yet so flavorful.



As we were enjoying our meal, suddenly without any warning there is a torrential downpour!

Good thing there is a huge umbrella to protect us from the rain!


Rain or no rain we somehow managed to finish everything we ordered.


The rain did not subside so they made room for us and gave a table.

Limoncello on the house... Cheers.

Also on the house is a plate of Minne di Sant’Agata (Saint Agatha's breasts) which is a popular Sicilian dessert.

The Minne di Sant’Agata is a traditional sweet from Catania that can be found in almost every bar during the festival of St. Agatha.  The dessert is formed as a breast, to symbolize the martyred saint of Catania, St.Agatha, as her breasts were amputated. She is therefore often depicted ichnographically carrying her excised breasts on a platter.

Minne di Sant’Agata is a small cakes soaked in liquor, filled with a layer of ricotta and covered with white icing topped with a red cherry on top.

Way too sweet for me!


The food here was simple but yet so delicious.  It definitely help that all the seafood were fresh, and the two pasta dish were also excellent. Our bill came to be around 110 which is really reasonnable.


Next...Day 4-Breakfast at Prestipino cafe




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