Singapore - 8/07

The food court

A bunch of food stalls ... This a very popular area for casual dining.

The food is a notch above average about $5-10 and so very affordable.

The decoration looks like a library with books lining up the counters...


Look at those huge chicken wings!  They are very popular and you can not just eat one. 

A lot of people in Singapore do not cook.  They just go to the food court because it is so cheap with lots of variety to choose from and it is also very good for a casual meal.


A dim sum stall..


Fun, fun atmosphere eating there.


42nd birthday of the creation of the esplanade area.

on the right hand side in the background, you can see a statue of the Merlion (Lion head with fish body).  The Merlion was erected as a symbol to welcome all visitors to Singapore

People hanging out at the Marina to watch the celebration.





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