2 days in Barcelona, Spain -12/9/18 - 12/10/2018

Day 2- Dinner at Bar Del Pla-2/10/2018

Bar Del Pla is a small restaurant located in the La Ribera neighborhood and is on Rick Steve's recommendation list of restaurant.  We ate here in 2014 and I enjoyed the foods so much that I told Hoa to go back for more...

This restaurant is always full of people ( a very goo sign) and even in the winter people are willing to sit outside even though the weather was cold.


We were lucky to get a table way in the back of the restaurant.  Later on they will add another couple next to us so we had to share this table.


 This is the view of the whole restaurant from our table looking out the exit at the end.


There is a bar when you walked in the restaurant maybe a total of 10 people in this whole space.


Dishes of the day and traditional dishes from Grandmothers.


Tapas menu on the left, on the right is a little counter where they store wine glass and tableware.



These tables are just next to ours and most of them are from the U.K. - They sure drink a lot!


Liquors bottles on the top shelf.


Wine to start the evening.


Pan con tomato-Flat bread with tomato.

It is one of the simplest, the most well-loved, the most widely eaten and the most famous dishes from Cataluña.


Oxtail and Foie gras


How can you go wrong with oxtail and Foie gras?

Super rich but also super delicious.  Great start.


Iberian beef ham with sautéed mushrooms-generous portion


Chicken cannelloni definitely in the comfort food category.  Warm your tummy especially on a cold night.


Anchovies from L'Escala.  I love this dish!

L'Escala is a fishing town in the Catalan region and has always been a privileged location for Anchovy fishing.


Perfect with a beer or a glass of wine.


Working on our food.


Trinxat Iberian Bacon.

Trinxat is made with potatoes, cabbage and pork meat, and resembles Bubble and Squeak. The name, meaning “mashed” or “chopped”, is the past participle of the Catalan word trinxar, which means "to slice".


Wonderful dish!  The pork is so flavorful and the Trixar is also a great vehicle to enhance the pork.


Squid in croquette-This one is just so so. 


Catalan cream and American coffee.


I was not feeling well on our first visit here back in 2014 so I did not eat that much but I remember having the best salad here.

This time, we went all out and ordered a bunch of dishes and they did not disappoint.



Next..Day 3-Valencia





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