2 days in Barcelona, Spain -12/9/18 - 12/10/2018

Day 2- Lunch at Bar Central12/10/2018

For lunch we decided to stop by the St. Josep La Boqueria for seafood.  The last time we were here we had a fantastic meal at Clemen's.  Unfortunately, Clemen's was closed so we walked around a bit in search of a seafood restaurant.


Bar Central is even bigger than Clemen's and there are so many sitting around the counter already.


They did not have room for us at the counter but they have a small room in the back.


The people working behind the counter.  It is always full at lunch time and difficult to get a seat.



This the back side of the restaurant with counter top facing out to the market.


Beer for Hoa and just water for me.


Amazing Razor clams


Fresh and so delicious.


Mixed seafood platter.


OMG, check it out... mussels, clams, large prawn. lobster, and fish.


Simply the best!


Most of the seafood is grilled and served with olive oil and chopped parley.


Ending our meal with a cup of Americano for me and Espresso for Hoa


What a great meal!  If you have a chance to go to La Boqueria make sure to stop by here for lunch.
Definitely worth the money.


There  are so many shops in the Boqueria but you know Hoa loves Jamon so here is a shop selling Jamon.


Different type of Jamon


Cinqo Jotas (5 star) is the best Jamon that money can buy.


Check out this piece of Pata negro (black foot) Jamon with the all the fat! 


They sell it by weight!  Wish we could buy some and take home but it is simply not possible.



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