2 days in Barcelona, Spain -12/9/18 - 12/10/2018

Day 2- Montjuic Castle-12/10/2018

Montjuic Castle is an old military fortress dated from 1640.  The fortress was built on top of Montjuic hill and it is now a Barcelona municipal facility. 

The Spanish King Philip IV built a fort around the watchtower on top of the mountain to stop ships approaching Barcelona.

Over the centuries the Castle was used as a prison and later, until 2007 it was a Military museum. 

Huge artillery gun in the courtyard before entering the Castle.



The Montjuic Castle played an important role in the Spanish Civil War.  The castle was the place where detainees were imprisoned in the Barcelona Tragic Week.  After the uprising, the castle was converted by Frente Popular into a prison and place of execution for all types of prisoners.  After the victory of the national side, roles changed and the castle became a prison and place of execution for prisoners of the Republican side.


Tickets to get in really reasonable at 5 euros per ticket.


The Entrance of the Castle.



The entrance bridge


History of Montjuic Castle.


Moat in front of the Castle.


View of the sea from the entrance Bridge.


Tourist info center.


Scale model of the Castle.


The sea-facing wall is about 508 ft. long and is the longest wall in the Castle.


The original 17th century fortress was designed for defense against attack from land and the costal flank has little protection.  For this reason, during the War of the Spanish Succession, in 1705, the Bourbon fleet began assault here with a barrage from the sea and then attacked the Castle from the Southern side of the hill.


Gigantic artillery gun


Barcelona cruise port view from Montjuic


The top of Montju´c is the ideal place for a bastion of defense, with 360║ views of the city below.


Statue of a naked woman


Building on the left used to be a prison.


In the 19th century Montjuic Castle became the main military prison in the City.  It was the place of incarceration and execution of many citizens arrested for defending their ideals.  Many notable figures were held here.


Door to the Dungeon.


The castle started out as a single watchtower that was occupied by a sailor looking out for enemy ships. During the Revolt of Catalonia during the mid 1600s, the government decided to add walls surrounding the watch tower when the threat of invasion from Spanish King Philip IV's fleet became imminent. Montju´c Castle ended up defending the city from many attacks moving forward, including those carried out during the War of the Spanish Succession. It also served as a prison during the War of the Pyrenees and was occupied by Napolean's troops in the early 1800s.


One of the Guard Tower.



The view over the sea is really amazing from up above.







We are now at the end of the wall facing the ocean.


So many artillery guns in this area.


What a view and it is quiet and relaxing.


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