12 days in Spain & 4 days in Paris- 9/12/14- 9/9/28/14

Dinner at Bodega Donostiarra - 9/22/2014

We did not enjoy the Tapas/Pinxtos bar is San Sebastián so we asked our Friend Tuan for a recommendation and he told us to check out Bodega Donostiarra.

A San Sebastián institution in its own right, Bodega Donostiarra was established in 1928, and has been run in accordance to local traditions ever since. Bodega is famous for its handmade pintxos and pickles.

We got to the restaurant close to 9:00PM and the place is full of people spilling out on to the terrace.  This is a good sign!  Lots of people means the food must be good.

We also noticed that there are lot more locals than tourists.

 We did not make reservation but we were lucky enough to get a table within 5 minutes.

The couple that sat at this table before us gave us a few recommendation on what to order.

The menu

We started with a medium plate of Jamon de Bellota -€9.50 -special for Hoa.

A Tuna salad - €5.80 and a Mini Bonito (small Tuna Sandwich) -€2.85

As expected the Jamon de Bellota was delicious!  When in doubt always order a plate of Jamon de
Bellotta in Spain.

We wanted a dish with some vegetable so we ordered this salad.  It was just okay.

The most traditional pintxo in Bodega Donostiarra is the Mini which is a tuna with guindilla (pickle green chili) and anchovy sandwich in a small piece of baguette.

Media Pulpo venageta-Medium plate of Octopus in vinegar-€5.95


The Spanish really knows how to cook their octopus.  Delicious and so cheap at €5.95= $8


Racion Alitas- plate of grilled wings- €7.10

We all love this dish! Incredible flavor.  After I came back from Spain I tried to re-created this dish at home with great success.


Media Callos Morro-Medium plate of tripe -€4.10

We love tripe and this dish did not disappoint.

Hoa and Minh also enjoyed a few glasses of local wine.

The whole meal cost us €55 for the four of us+ a few more euros for tips.  What an incredible bargain!

The bar is full of people.  Spanish people do not eat like us.  They usually don't eat a whole meal at a single restaurant, they like to hop from bar to bar. 


After eating people throw their napkins on the floor which is a good sign that this restaurant is serving good food according to locals.  The more napkins you see on the floor translate into good food is served here..


San Sebastian (Donostia) International Film Festival

I have never hear of the San Sebastian film festival but apparently is a pretty big event here. The festival  held in t Donostia-San Sebastián in September.

The San Sebastián International Film Festival (Donostia Zinemaldia in Basque) is an annual FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) based in Paris. Created in 1933composed with 30 member associations from 27 of the leading audiovisual production countries.


I was told that this year Denzel Washington was scheduled to receive a lifetime award

You can read an article here

There are lots of signs like this one showcasing the film festival in San Sebastián.


Movies are shown at the Principal Theater (Teatro Principal) located at Calle Mayor. The theater was built in 1843 and is the oldest theater in San Sebastian. It was demolished in 1930 and a new building was constructed with a Classic style. In 1987 the theater became part of the Municipal Board of Theater and Festivals. There is seating capacity for 500 people.

Lots of paparazzi and lots of people waiting to see actors/actresses.  We waited for 30 minutes and we saw a bunch of Spanish actors but we did not know who they were..

It was fun watching...


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