3 days in Valencia, Spain -12/11/18 - 12/14/2018

Day 2-Breakfast/Mercat Central-12/12/2018

Today we are just going to walk around the old town. 

Leaving our hotel in search for a coffee shop.


Coffee Corner is not very far from our hotel


We are going to give it a try.


Large counter at the entrance.  You order at the counter and then they will bring the food to your table.


We don't eat that much for breakfast so it is just coffee and we are sharing a ham sandwich.


We are now headed to the Mercat Central.


Mercat Central

Mercat Central (Central Market) is a public market locate on Plaza Ciudad de Brujas


This grand Modernist building was designed in 1914, although not inaugurated until 1928.


There are many entries to the market.


Huge dome as soon as you walk in.  The beauty of the building stands out especially on account of the light that enters through the roof at various points, and through colored window panels.


Underneath the dome is a huge circular platform with Christmas decoration.


So many stores inside as  the Central Market covers more than 8,000 square meters, over two floors.


Its unusual roof comprises original domes and sloping sections at different heights, while the interior seems to be lined in a range of materials such as iron, wood, ceramics and polychrome tiles.


Jamon store....so many of them.


Cinco Jotas (5 stars) are the best that money can buy.


Pre-made food that you can buy and finish cooking at home.


Poultry store.


Fruits and vegetables stand.


looks so fresh.



Dried fruits.


More Jamon but this store also sell wine.


Very nice display.


Too bad we cannot buy and take it home...


A Boucher store.


Paella, bread, etc...


Check out all the mushrooms.


More vegetables...


Seafood area.


Monk fish.


All type of seafood.


Shrimps galore...


More shrimps....




Mackerel and other fish.





We are now leaving the market.


Next.....Silk exchange building




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin