3 days in Valencia, Spain -12/11/18 - 12/14/2018

Day 3-City of Arts and Sciences-12/13/2018

Birds and sharks

Large pond with ducks, and flamingos.



A flock of flamingos.


A Pelican resting on a branch over the small pond.


The sign said: Did you know that the bottom of the beak of a pelican is really a soft membrane that this water bird uses as a bag to trap fish with?


This is the submarino restaurant where you can eat and have a view of the aquarium.


View of the restaurant from the ground floor looking down.


The lower floor houses a large aquarium that is visible on all sides.  Too fancy for us so we did not even try to get in.


A large stingray.


Clove view of a sting ray.




Funny looking fish.


Huge head on this fish.



Shark tank,



Underwater tunnel with view of the fish swimming above.








We are now in the Red sea underwater auditorium where you can see divers feed the fish.


The fish are probably used to the divers as they are surrounding him for food.


Huge stingray.






Must be fun to swim around with the fish.




Huge shark




Jaw of a shark






Next.. Turtles, Jelly fish, and the wetland




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin