Thanksgiving 2006



This year, our thanksgiving dinner is held on Friday instead on the traditional Thursday to accommodate our cousins from Los Angles.  Tonight we are going to have a full house.  We are expecting about 20 Adults and 15 kids.

Setting up the main table for 12 people


  The second table can sit 7 people.  All of the adults will be able to have a sit down dinner.


Setting up the Dinner Buffet table

The three Amigos?? 

Tuan, Thien and Trung

The arrival of the guests..


This year my cousins from Los Angeles are paying us a visit.

Thien, Thuy, Tina took some time off her busy schedule from UCSF to be with us tonight, Vinh, Vyvy and Lan Huong.


Next....the party



Our house


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