Thanksgiving decoration  - 11/09

I always like Autumn because of the transitioning of seasons where leaves turned into brilliant golden colors, Maple leaves turned into a beautiful red & gold, and others trees leaves turned into brown or  orange.  It is just gorgeous to look these vibrant colors on the trees or on the ground where the leaves has fallen..   Unfortunately, in California we do not have the distinct four seasons but we definitely have the sun.  In order to really see the Autumn colors in California you have take the back roads and drive around for a scenic tour.   



This is our front lawn in Autumn.  The leaves on the cherry tree is turning gold and they are falling on the ground.


As soon as summer is over I am decorating the house for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I am always excited to put out the decorations because I really enjoy the rich colors of Autumn and it also gives the house a nice warm feeling. 

Yellow, orange and red are the main colors of the season.


Pumpkins and lots of them...


Decorations on my dinning table.   I was able to find a bunch of color glass pumpkins and I really like them.



Close up look at the decorations.





Our house


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