Thanksgiving dinner- 11/24/2022

For Thanksgiving, I like to have traditional meal with Turkey, Ham, and lots of side dishes. 

Traditionally many of the dishes are made from ingredients native to the America including turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cranberries and I have included all of them in the menu.

This year we are having a friends and family coming over for a feast.

Table with fall decoration is set up.


Plate setting.


Close look at the table.


Decorations on the table.


Fresh flowers are mixed with fall garlands.


Setting up my side dishes table.  We have so many side dishes that I have to set up a table just for that.


I put a yellow sticker on each plate so it is easier for me to organize the food.


On the counter is the Protein section.


Flowers on the side dishes table.


We are starting the meal with a butternut squash soup, croutons, and whipped cream.  On the left is a homemade fresh cranberries sauce.


Herbed roasted turkey is roasted in the over for about 2 Hours and 30 minutes and they I removed it from the oven and let it rest for a good hour.

 I always under cooked the turkey so that breast meat is moist as the dark meat will need another hour or to be completely cooked.

Once it is cooled down, I removed the breasts and slice them.  The thighs, wings and the back bone of the chicken is returned to the oven for another hours to be completely cooked.


I separated the white meat from the Brown meat.  The white meat is moist and delicious.


Baked ham.


Pan seared trout almandines with brown butter and parsley.


Setting up the side dishes table.


Roasted Brussels sprouts by Maily


Fried Chinese cauliflower with fish sauce vinaigrette by Ha.


Mashed potatoes by Ha.


Roasted sweet potatoes by Maily.


Sautéed green beans with caramelized onions.


Sautéed corn, caramelized shallots in butter


Roasted beets, roasted butternut squash, arugula with orange Dijon mustard vinaigrette.


Traditional herb stuffing.


Hawaiian roll- I love them.


Centerpiece on the side dishes table.


More decorations on the table.



A beautiful plate with everything on it.


A healthy plate with lots of side dishes.



Homemade apple cake.


Loan and Minh brought an apple pie on the left and a pecans pie on the right.


Pumpkin pie also from Minh and Loan.  They got the pies at Whole food.  Apparently you have to order a head of time as they are very popular.


Panna cotta with passion fruits syrup.


Cheers to a wonderful meal with friends and family!


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