2 days inVienna-07/24-7/26/2018

Tour of the neighborhood, Vienna-9/24/2018

Day2-MuseumsQuartier Wien/Volksgarten Park


From Naschmark we are headed to the MuseumQuartier Wien as seen on this map.



Cute little coffee shop we saw along our route.


A nice quiet court yard.


This is the facade of MuseumQuartier Wien which is an enormous cultural institution comprising numerous top-notch museums.


One of the courtyard inside the MuseumQuartier Wien

This are is called  ZOOM Kindermuseum's interactive displays on everything from life underwater to life on the big screen.



The Museum Quartier Wien is huge with 100,000 square foot and is one of the largest museums complex in the world that has 6 different museums in close vicinity.

Overall, you can find here amongst others the largest museum dedicated to modern art (end of 19th and the 20th century) , with the largest collection of Gustav Klimt's works .



Straight ahead is the modern museum (gray building).



You can relax and sit on these geometric-shaped and colorful couches that occupy the plaza in the middle of the buildings.

I was told they changes the color of these couches pretty often so the place is really colorful.


This picture was taken when came back to the area a few hours later.  As you can see there are a lot more people laying around on these giants couches.


Comfy for sure...




Frank Joseph I, MDCCCLIV. museum



Mumok, Modern museum of Art.


We found this really Avant guard shop and Loan tried on a few dress but it just did not work out.


From the Mumok museaum we are now headed to Volksgarten now-10 minute walk.



Taking one of the main street, the buildings are really nice and really clean.  


Not a lot of people in the street.  Very pleasant walk.


Crossing the street to get to Volkgarten Park.


Volksgarten Park


The Voksgarten park (people's park) is a beautiful landscaped park.


The park was laid out by Ludwig Remy in 1821 built over the city fortifications that were destroyed by Napoleon in 1809.

The Volksgarten was opened to the public in 1823.



Rose garden and in the back is the Theseus Temple



In the garden you will encounter a little bit of Greece among the roses and memorials: the early 19th-century neoclassical Theseus Temple by Pietro di Nobile, completed in 1821.

 This small-scale replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens was originally designed to house Antonio Canova's Theseus sculpture. Canova was also involved in the construction of the temple. In 1890, Canova's sculpture was moved to the Museum of Fine Arts.


The temple is now used for temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.


Details of the bottom of the sculpture by Josef Mullner-1921


Bronze Statue Young Athlete in front of the Theseus temple dates from 1921 is by Josef Mullner.







Rose garden



More roses....



Lots of roses...


At the northern end of the park stands the Empress Elizabeth Monument by Hans Bitterlich and Friedrich Ohmann, completed in 1907. At the center of the monument is a statue of a seated Empress Elisabeth. The statue of the empress, which was sculpted from a 1,800 lbs. block of marble, measures 8 ft. in height.

The dedication of the monument took place on 4 June 1907 in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is definitely one of the best known names connected with Vienna and Austria so not surprising to see his statue here.







Stue of Johan Wolfgan Von Goethe, an 18th century philosophe, writer and Statement.


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