2 days inVienna-07/24-7/26/2018

Tour of the neighborhood, Vienna-9/24/2018

Day2-St. Stephenís Cathedral Interiors

The lavishly decorated interior of St Stephenís Cathedral features ornate Gothic columns.


Vaulted ceiling in Gothic style


One of the many altar in this Cathedral


Clove view of the altar.


This is the high altar which is not accessible to the public, there is an iron gate blocking the entrance so you can only view it from a distance.


I came as close as I could and put the camera inside the iron gate to get the closest view possible.

The cathedral boasts 18 altars, but the centerpiece of them all is undoubtedly the High Altar, which portrays the stoning of the cathedralís namesake, Saint Stephen.



The High Altar was built in the 1640s using marble from Styria and Tyrol in Austria, as well as from Poland.



Wiener Neustadt Altar is a gift from King Frederick IV (later Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor) to the church of the Cistercian monastery in Newkloster, Wiener Neustadt. For this reason it's also known as Frederick's altar.  It is date 1447 and makes this altar the oldest surviving double winged altar in Austria.


Wiener Neustadt Altar is a pentaptych (painting which is divided into sections or panels), a winged altar with a main shrine and 2 moveable inner side panels and 2 moveable outer side panels.  The shrine is furnish with sculptures, the front of the inner panels are decorated with reliefs and the remaining panels are adorned with paintings.

The carvings are partly colored and partly gilded.  It is a Marian and Saint retable (decorative screen mounted directly onto an altar)


The stone stands against a pillar out in the nave so that the local language sermon could be better heard by the worshipers in the days before microphones and loud speakers.


An impressive organ stands in front of the stained-glass window that decorates the nave. St Stephenís Cathedral is said to have had an organ as far back as 1334, but the original organ (which had been damaged by the 1945 fire) was replaced with a more modern version.



Ornate Gothic columns supporting the roof.


Sacred Heart of Jesus painting in one of the altar.



Stained Glass windows.



Tomb of Count Niklas Salm who died of a wound he suffered in 1529 during the heroic defense of Vienna



Exiting the church.


Confessional pew

Exit door

Priest talking to a young man...



Colorful film posters.


Across the street from St. Stephens's cathedral is a small and quiet park.


Sigmund Freud park


Bronze art sculpture in the park. 



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