Thao's & Dung's 25th anniversary -8/21/10

The set up/Guests arrival

Sit down Dinner


The set up

Tonight we are invited to Thao's and Dung's 25th anniversary.  The anniversary is held at the their beautiful home in the evergreen gated community.

Gorgeous 3 layer white fondant wedding cake with silver ribbon and decorated with escalating orchids.

15 tables of 10 people are set up in their court yard.  Because the evening is always cooler in California, heaters are definitely a must.

Flower center piece on each table together with with lots of party poppers to make some noise.


Overview of the complete table and in the background is the podium for the MC.

Closer look at the dinning area for 150 people.  Their court was the perfect set up.  It had a cozy ambiance.

The Guests ...


Family portrait

Huyen and I

Vu Be and Huyen 

Huyen and I

The backyard with lots of guests...

Doan and I

Spencer and Doan

Phuong and I

Open Bar for everyone!

This is a great addition to the party.  Everyone enjoyed the open bar and bartender was great.

The bartender was a professional guy for Left Bank restaurant.  He was very good and definitely know what he was doing.

He served all kind of drinks, name it and you got it.  He even prepared blended drinks.  

Phuong, Hoa and I posing just before dinner.

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Our house


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