Wedding Rehearsal in Fairfax and Lunch in Sausalito-11/24/2021

Wedding rehearsal, Fairfax

Today we are driving to Fairfax (about 2 hours drive from our house) to attend Kristie and Kevin's wedding rehearsal.

Carrie the blond lady with a beige sweater is Kristie and Kevin's wedding coordinator and she is helping us with the run-through of the ceremony.


Carrie is showing us the flow of the ceremony and helping us practicing walking in and walking out and making sure everyone knows where toe stand.


The wedding is the day after Thanksgiving so not all the bridesmaids and groomsmen could make it to the wedding rehearsal but it is not that complicated and we can relay the message for the people who could not be here today.


We are all listening to Carrie's instructions.


This is the how the bridesmaid and groomsmen will be standing at the wedding ceremony.


Carrie letting Andrew know who will be behind him, etc...

We were there for an hour or so and then afterwards Kristie and Kevin are taking us to lunch.


Lunch at the Le Garage, Sausalito

The Garage is a French bistro overlooking Sausalito's Shoomaker Point Marina.

Apparently it used to be garage but they fixed it and it has an airy minimalist industrial feel with two red metal garage doors and a patio that offer great view of the picturest waterfront.



View of the Marina from the restaurant.



What a view!


We are now walking in the restaurant.


Kristie and Kevin reserve a really nice table for our group.






Cubbie, Cheryl, Mark, Alice, Hoa, Anne, Kevin, Kristie, Sabrina, Larry, and Andrew.

Gillie came a bit later..


Enjoying our lunch.





Mussels Mariniere cooked in white wine, shallots,  garlic and parsley.


The French fries were delicious!


Croque Madame which is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich in a rich and creamy béchamel sauce topped a sunny side up egg.


Monk fish bouillabaisse

Burger with French Fries.


View of the Marina


There are a lot of us so coordinating a group picture takes a bit of time...



We still need a few more people to join...


Trying to get everyone lined up...


Okay we got everyone now..


Perfect group picture wiht a nice background!




Our house


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