Jennifer's baby Shower - 1/20/08

The games


Mai-Ly and Tuan are hosting a baby shower for Jennifer and Tri who are expecting twin girls in March. 

Jennifer is a wearing a "mother to be" sash just in case folks can not figure out that she is expecting! 

Doan, Mai-Ly, Thuy and Huyen enjoying an excellent Bahama Mama specially prepared by Mai-Ly.

No alcohol for the mother to be...

Thuy, Hanh and I are comfortably seated!

Maily served some tapas for appetizers


To keep themselves busy all the husbands decided to play poker!  Needless to say they were very happy.


Doan was in charge of organizing all the games for the baby shower...We offer the guys to join us but they rather play poker!

The dirty diaper game!  The diaper is purposely design to look like poop.  It looks disgusting but it is actually mashed and melted candy bar. 

At first we were grossed out but then we knew it was candy bar, we  were okay with it.  We had to inspect the diapers and sniff 4 different diapers and figure out which diaper contain which type of candy bar. I think Doan had Snickers, 3 Musketeers, milky way, etc... it was a fun game!

Hanh and I teamed up and I think we won the challenge.

Doan and Jennifer taking a little break before Doan present us to the next game.

The next game Doan introduced is a bunch of baby food jars and we had to guess the content of the jar (of course the label is removed).

It is actually a pretty difficult task to figure out what it is in the jar.  Sweet potato, corn are pretty difficult to discern.

Yep!  we are trying hard here to figure it out... We learned in the end that tasting the food is not enough, smelling also help to determine what it is.

Doan passed out a blank thank you note and all we had to do is to write down our name and address on the envelope.  Once it is written the  envelope is then put in a large bowl so than Jennifer can pick out the winner.  I thought this was such a great idea!  this will safe Jennifer a lot of time when she is ready to send out the thank you notes.

We played a few more games but no pictures was taken but it was such a blast playing these games... We start at 3:00PM and by the time the games ended it was around 6ish...

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